Autumn Court is a Medicare Medicaid certified skilled nursing center. We provide superior care, including 24-hour skilled nursing, long-term care, physical, occupational and speech therapies for those with behavioral issues or mental illness.

At Autumn Court, we provide superior healthcare services with diversified programing to meet the needs of our residents for achieving and maintaining optimum wellness and function. We provide care that is individualized and affordable, support with day-to-day needs, nourishing meals, activities and regular outings to preserve dignity and a quality of life for all our residents. We provide staff to resident ratios that assure highest levels of care and service all within a safe, home-like environment.

Bill Hanlon

Bill Hanlin, LPCC-S

I have been working as a counselor at Autumn Court for the past four years. I am employed by The Counseling Source out of Cincinnati and work primarily at Autumn Court. When I was hired, I was told about a new contract for counseling at a facility in my area and was soon assigned to provide counseling at Autumn Court.

Never did I expect to find residents that had faced so many difficulties in life, yet be so appreciative of what others do for them. It did not take me long to see why these residents had this appreciation. It was clearly due to the staff members that work with them day in and day out, feeding them, guiding them, cleaning up after them, advising them and caring for them. No easy task, yet every day that I am in the facility I see staff joke with them, put up with their demands, redirect them and give of themselves to help residents feel loved and respected.

Never did I expect to see staff that would give so much of themselves. Although, each staff person has a specific job in the facility, it is clear that all staff know the residents, advocate for them and interact with them professionally and respectfully. I have seen nurses monitor their condition and assure proper and accurate administration of medications, while being pulled in all directions at once. I have seen STNAs that do just about everything and anything that is possible to think of doing for a person, and never seem to resent doing it. I have seen activity staff  go out of the way to provide activities, outings, entertainment, crafts and resources for residents so they will have something to look forward to and participate in. I have seen housekeeping staff take special care in cleaning rooms on the one hand and advocating for residents on the other. I have seen laundry staff do laundry constantly and then see that every resident’s clothing is marked and put in its proper place in the resident’s room. I have seen the physical therapy staff and the speech therapist work with residents every day, even though progress is slow and cooperation is difficult to achieve. I have seen the maintenance person work on just about anything that needs fixing and never get flustered at all the commotion going on around him. I have seen lines outside the finance person’s office only to see her talking to each of them personally about the money in their account and always remaining respectful.

Never did I think that I would find work that has been this meaningful to me. I am honored to work at a facility that accepts residents that other facilities may not. I am humbled by the residents that have found some way to go on with their lives in spite of huge adversity. I am inspired by staff that are so committed to helping residents and I am proud to be part of the team at Autumn Court. – Bill Hanlin, LPCC-S

PER-pictureHOLDER“When I first came to Autumn Court, I didn’t know what to expect. Sure, I was familiar with types of settings like nursing homes, however, it’s not so much the brick ‘n mortar that makes up a facility, it’s the people that really make your life worth getting up for each day. It’s the smiles and the laughter from the folks who are there to serve residents that really make it all worth your while. And that is exactly who I am. I am a RESIDENT of Autumn Court, meaning this is my home. When you’re in my home, I expect to be treated with respect. And that’s what I will take away from here when I leave. Who knows? Sure, I might move on to other stops in my life’s path, however, I will always take away memories of the good times I shared with my Autumn Court family.” – Mary M.

PER-pictureHOLDER“A number of years ago an employee of our company died, leaving an adult son who was mentally handicapped, afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia. The son, virtually, had no family. His mother had been institutionalized for many years, afflicted with the same disease and his uncles and aunts were not able to help. After unsuccessfully attempting to live on his own and/or in group homes for a couple years, he eventually (and fortunately) landed in the community that is Autumn Court. The caregivers at Autumn Court have provided a safe, friendly environment where he eats three nutritious meals daily and gets the proper amount of rest. His medical needs are provided for by qualified medical personnel on schedule each day; and his personal hygiene is outstanding. His clothes are clean and he showers every day. Having observed the caregivers’ kind and thorough attention given to all residents, I would highly recommend Autumn Court as a home for your loved ones.” – Clark F.